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Criminal Justice

Ashok is outraged by Dane County's atrocious record on racially disparate incarceration. He will fight tirelessly to shake up the system by advocating an end to the War on Drugs, alternatives to incarceration, and high standards of accountability for sheriff's deputies.

Tenants' Rights

Ashok will propose outlawing discrimination against low-income Section 8 tenants, striking a blow against Madison's enduring legacy of segregation. In the budget, he will fight to preserve crucial county funding of the Tenant Resource Center.

Big Box Retailers

Ashok will push sensible land use policies to keep enormous mega-retailers like Wal-Mart from paving our entire countryside. Additionally, he will advocate worker-friendly requirements such as living wages, sweat-free purchasing policies, and county preferences for local small businesses.

Stopping Sexual Assault

Ashok has spent years working in the trenches to stop the scourge of sexual assaults. As a co-founder of the Fraternity Action Coalition, Ashok led efforts within the Greek system to address gender violence. His top budget priorities are restoring the Women's Transit Authority and expanding funding for sexual assault programs on campus.

Air and Lake Quality

A proud Sierra Club member, Ashok will be at the forefront of progressive, Earth-friendly policies. He plans to push for a moratorium on suburban sprawl, for new technology to fight run-off pollution, for rail transit to reduce auto emissions and traffic, and for green building technology.